Kane County Democratic News

Doing what is right to improve election security

Printed in the Daily Herald on Sunday, March 26, 2023

The winds of change nationally have brought an element of hostile, pointless, rude and sometimes threatening political challenges to the fore. This was in evidence at a recent Kane County Board meeting when someone from the odd, sinister-sounding “Three Headed Eagles” (even Russia has only two, a holdover from Czarist times), local branch of the ultranationalist organization fanning flames of distrust and discontent in school boards, libraries, councils and county boards. In this case, objection was made to making election records safer and better than they are. One elected official objected to doing this; should he ask for a recount of his margin or the sense of the people who voted for him? The flightless bird-sounding fake patriot organizations are doing no good in promotion of election lies, shown time and again to these walking political avians.

I have seen the security of the voting systems at work, and the integrity of the workers and volunteers at the polls. They are unsung heroes of democracy at work. County Board member Young suggested not proceeding in making the voting process more secure by not accepting the funds available to do so. Failure opens the polling to the troika headed eagles who prey on election results and confidence to no good purpose. We pray that good sense, as usual, will prevail over prevarication. The county should do simply what is right in doing what can be done to challenges beyond the talons of those who feast ignorance of civic governance.

Edward Marth
St. Charles