Get Involved in the Democratic Party of Kane County


How do I vote in Kane County?

Make your voice heard! We live in a wonderful democracy which will only thrive if we all intelligently participate in our government.  The resources below should help you register to vote, find your polling place and make wise decisions.

Kane County Elections Official Website

The official Kane County Elections website has a wealth of useful information on it. Other helpful information can be found on

Register to Vote – Online or by Mail

You can easily register to vote online ( or register by mail (

Check your Voter Registration Status

It is always a good idea to check your voter registration status leading up to any election. We have had first-hand reports of folks who suddenly are no longer registered to vote in a state that have voted in for over 30 years! Be prepared for Election Day and check your voter registration status here.

Sample Ballots

The news covers the high profile election campaigns, but what about issues closer to home? Local government matters more than you could imagine. Make sure you know about ALL the issues that will be on your ballot by looking at the ballot and doing your research BEFORE you visit your polling place. Kane County generally does a great job of making sure sample ballots are available for all polling places before Early Voting starts.

Find Your Polling Place

Your voter registration card should have the location of your polling place.  You can look up your information online to verify the location and polling times.

Early Voting

If you have researched the candidates and issues, you have the option of voting early.  You can find out details here:

Vote by Mail

If you would rather take your time to research candidates while looking at the ballot from the comfort of your own home, then vote-by-mail may be your best option. You must first complete a registration to vote-by-mail available here: Vote by Mail Application.

For more information on the vote-by-mail process, please find additional details here:

Ballot Drop Boxes

If you have received your Vote By Mail ballot, you can choose to return the ballot in person instead of mailing it via USPS. For the November 3rd election, there were three ballot drop boxes for Kane County. We have not heard whether these will be in place for future elections.

Aurora Satellite OfficeKane County Clerk’s OfficeCity of Elgin
5 E. Downer Pl., Suite F, 
719 S. Batavia Ave., Bldg. B, 
150 Dexter Ct, 

If you would like to return your mail in ballot on Election Day, you may do so by hand delivering your ballot to any Election Judge at your pre-determined polling place.

Track Your Ballot

If you have decided to Vote By Mail, you can use the Ballot Trax website to ensure your vote gets from Point A to Point B and is fairly counted!