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Illinois Workers’ Rights Amendment 2022

Nothing affects our rights and protections as union members more than the people we elect to public office. Sometimes we are successful and elect politicians that understand working families and our everyday lives. Other times, we are left to fight for our livelihoods against politicians just want to make money off our backs.

We have a once in a generation chance to protect workers’ rights from the whims of politicians – the Workers’ Rights Amendment to the Illinois Constitution. It will be on the ballot in November. Every voter gets a chance to put workers’ rights in Illinois’ bill of rights. It will be on the 2022 ballot as Illinois Amendment 1.

If we pass the Workers’ Rights Amendment, the politicians will no longer be able to quiet or silence our voices at work and our power to control our lives on the job – voices that have meant so much in this time of hazardous duty in so many jobs.

A YES vote on the Workers’ Rights Amendment means that they cannot silence us on wages, safe workplaces, or benefits. When we have a voice, everyone in the community benefits with a stronger economy fueled by good jobs.

We will be sending out additional information in the days to come, but you can join the campaign and learn more today at www.workersrights.com

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