The importance of being a Precinct Committeeman in Kane County

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Our Precinct Committeemen are the people responsible with getting out the vote on Election Day in their neighborhood and are the Team Captains of the Illinois Democratic Party.

Being a Precinct Committeeman starts with what many of us already do and love doing – talking to our neighbors about our lives and the issues that are important to us. It is a volunteer position and can be filled by being elected or by being appointed by our County Chairman. Like all other volunteer positions, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back!

Basic duties include helping candidates run for office by collecting signatures, delivering yard signs and campaign literature, walking in parades, and volunteering for phone banking. During the election season, our Precinct Committeemen are busy knocking on doors to talk about our candidates and making sure that people that need help getting to the polls have a ride or are issued absentee ballots. They also have the opportunity to become Deputy Registrars to register people to vote.

More importantly, by being a Precinct Committeeman, you have the power to help influence the direction of the party by helping choose which issues to focus upon and which candidates to support which, in turn, determines which candidates may be on the ballot. The Precinct Committeemen also are members of the County Central Committee and are able to elect the county officers every two years.

Without having a strong base of Precinct Committeemen in our county, we will never be successful electing our candidates to office!

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